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trait: Each explorer has four traits, shown as lines of numbers on the character card: Might, Speed, Knowledge, and Sanity. Each trait has a starting value, which is highlighted, and a maximum value, the highest possible number for that character. See “Traits,” .

physical traits: Speed and Might are physical traits.

mental traits: Sanity and Knowledge are mental traits.

turn: Before the haunt starts, each player takes a turn in order, starting with the player whose explorer has the next birthday and going to the left from there, During a turn, you can move, discover rooms, use items, and attempt die rolls. After the haunt starts, you can also make an attack once per turn of house on the hill .

After the haunt starts, the first turn starts with the player to the traitor’s left and goes to the left from there. Each of the heroes takes a hero turn. After each hero has taken a turn, the traitor takes his or her traitor turn. After the traitor’s turn, any monsters controlled by the traitor get a monster turn.

use: in house on the hill All explorers can use items (and many omens), as well as some monsters. Using an item means making any attack or die roll with it or taking any other action in which the item is involved in any way. You can use an item once at any point during your turn.

window: Some rooms have windows on one or more sides, in addition to doors. You can’t normally move through a window, but some haunts have special rules for them. Rooms with windows are the Bedroom, Grand Staircase, Master Bedroom, Chapel, and Dining Room.

what If There Isn’t a rule for That?
Many hours went into play testing house on the hill game, but it’s still possible you’ll run into situations where the game rules or haunt books don’t clearly answer a question about game play. Don’t let that slow you down. In such cases, come to
an agreement as a group for what makes the most sense and go with it. (If that doesn’t work, flip a coin to decide.) Then continue your experience in the house.

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