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A few of the haunts feature a hidden traitor, whose identity is secret from all the other players. When a haunt calls for a hidden traitor, count out small monster tokens of one color, numbered from 1 up to the number of players. Shuffle the tokens and deal out one to each player, face down (with the “S” showing). Whoever gets the token numbered 1 is the traitor. Play continues clockwise from the person to the left of the haunt revealer.

Haunts with hidden traitors do not appear in the Traitor’s Tome. Instead, the goal and abilities of the traitor are described under the haunt in Secrets of Survival, which everyone reads

Unless the haunt says otherwise, the hidden traitor can reveal him- or herself to the others at any time by turning the token numbered 1 face up. (For example, the traitor might do this in response to a trap or a hazard in the house, to prevent the effect or damage using normal traitor rules.) Whenever an explorer dies, that player turns over his or her token to reveal his or her identity. No other player (except the traitor) can reveal a face-down token at any time. You might say that you aren’t a traitor, but the other players have only your word for it.
Unless the haunt says otherwise, any explorer can attack any other explorer at any time, under real or feigned suspicion of being the traitor. (Of course, the traitor benefits from sowing suspicion and mistrust among his or her fellow explorers.) Unless the haunt says otherwise, everyone must converse only where everyone at the table can hear them; they can’t leave and have side conversations elsewhere.

how monsters work in this (betrayal at house on the hill online) guide?
Monsters behave a little differently than explorers do. All of the following rules are in effect unless a haunt says otherwise. Each monster moves and takes all its actions before the next one goes.

Monsters move differently. At the start of a monster’s turn, roll a number of dice equal to its Speed. The result is the number of spaces that monster can move that turn. For groups of the same type of monster (Bats or Zombies, for instance), just roll once for the whole group. Each monster of that type can move that many spaces that turn.
Most monsters can’t be killed. If a monster would take any damage, it is stunned and misses its next turn in this betrayal at house on the hill online game rule. When a monster is stunned, flip its token over to the side with the “S.” At the end of the monster’s next turn, flip it back. Stunned monsters can’t slow an explorer’s movement. Even if a haunt says to do something other than stun monsters when they take damage, they can still be stunned by effects that specifically stun monsters.
Like explorers, a monster can attack only once during its turn. Monsters often use traits other than Might to attack. They can’t make any of the special attacks listed page 13 (unless a haunt says otherwise).

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• Like the traitor, monsters can ignore any harmful text on a room tile. A monster still slides to the Basement Landing when it moves onto the Coal Chute. It can pass through the Revolving Wall without rolling. Monsters can freely move up or down from the Coal Chute and Collapsed Room, and they can climb up to the Gallery. However, monsters cannot benefit from text on a room tile that increases a trait (such as the Larder or Gymnasium).
Monsters can use the special movement options described on cards (such as the Secret Stairs and Secret Passage).
Monsters can’t explore new rooms.
Monsters can’t carry items (unless the haunt says otherwise). If a monster that is allowed to carry items is stunned, it drops all items; place an Item Pile token in the room. The monster can’t pick up the items until it has a turn in which it is no longer stunned.
• If a monster gets stuck in the basement with no way to reach the heroes, on the traitor’s turn that player may search the room tiles for the Stairs From Basement tile and place it next to any open basement doorway (Shuffle the room stack afterward.) This rule doesn’t apply if the haunt allows monsters to explore new rooms.

What happens to my Stuff if I die?

If you have a companion (the Dog, the Girl, or the Madman), the companion’s card and token (if any) stays in the room where your explorer died. Set aside that omen card. If another explorer enters the room, he or she gains custody of that companion (and takes that omen card). Any other items you have drop to the floor. Put an Item Pile token there and set aside their cards. Other explorers can go to the room to pick up your items (and take those cards)

The first side (the traitor or the heroes) that completes its goals for the haunt wins the game. A haunt’s goal is described under “You Win When . . .” and doesn’t necessarily require killing the traitor or heroes. At least one hero must survive for the heroes to win. However, some haunts’ goals allow the traitor to win the game even after he or she dies. For instance, the monsters that player controls might be able to win without the traitor’s help. When one side completes its goals for the haunt, someone from the winning side reads the “If You Win . . .” section from that side’s haunt book out loud.

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