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betrayal at house on the hill haunts – May God be with you!

betrayal at house on the hill haunts

Once the haunt begins, the game changes dramatically. Now it’s a desperate struggle to win before your opponent does!
Making a haunt roll:

Before the betrayal at house on the hill haunts starts, you must roll 6 dice at the end of your turn each time you draw an omen card. This is called a haunt roll. If you roll less than the total number of omen cards all players have drawn this game, the haunt starts. The player who starts the haunt with this roll is called the haunt revealer. For example, if you draw an omen card on your turn, and it’s the ffth omen card drawn during the game, you need a result of 4 or less on your haunt roll to start the haunt.
After the haunt starts, if you discover a room with an omen symbol, you still draw and keep an omen card, but you don’t make a haunt roll.
Revealing the haunt
When a player makes a haunt roll and starts the haunt, that player (the haunt revealer) looks at the haunt chart on the first two pages of the Traitor’s Tome booklet. The chart shows which haunt has been revealed—and who is the traitor.

betrayal at house on the hill haunts

The chart lists omen cards across the top and rooms along the left side. Look at the name of the omen card that was drawn before the haunt roll and the room that the haunt revealer’s explorer was in when the omen was drawn. Find the corresponding haunt number. This is the haunt you’re going to play. The haunt’s entry below the chart states which player becomes the traitor. Give the Traitor’s Tome to that player. The betrayal at house on the hill haunts revealer is not necessarily the traitor.

Special Cases: If two or more people could be the traitor, and one of them is the haunt revealer, then that person is the traitor. If neither one is the haunt revealer, then the player closest to the haunt revealer’s left is the traitor.
haunt Setup
Do the following at the start of the haunt:

• The traitor takes the Traitor’s Tome and leaves the room. He or she reads only the haunt that is starting now. That player also needs to know the rules described in “The Traitor’s New Powers” (page 17) and “How Monsters Work” (page 18). If the player doesn’t know those rules, he or she should take the rulebook when leaving the room and read those sections (or have another player explain them).
• The rest of the players become heroes. They look up the haunt with the same number in Secrets of Survival and read it together. (The heroes should also briefly discuss their plan for survival.)
• When everyone is ready (including the traitor), the traitor returns to the room. The heroes and the traitor do anything the haunt tells them to do in the “Right Now” section. (For example, sometimes you’ll have to put tokens
in the house or draw cards.)

heroes and Secrets
Don’t tell the traitor what your goals are, unless you’re sure he or she already knows them or you’re doing something required by the haunt. Sometimes you have an advantage over the traitor because that player doesn’t know what you’re trying to do. You can still play these haunts again and again after you know how they work, but until then, the heroes shouldn’t disclose the Secrets of Survival for their haunt.

Optional rule: Selecting the haunt
This optional rule lets you avoid repeating haunts you’ve already played. If you consult the chart and get a betrayal at house on the hill haunts that you’ve revealed already and you don’t want to do again, look for the next room with an omen symbol closest to the haunt revealer. Match that room to the original omen on the chart to find a new haunt number. Continue going from room to room in this way until you find a haunt that you haven’t revealed yet. If you get through all the placed rooms without success, look at the next omen card you have and do the same thing.

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