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Welcome to the official site of Betrayal at House on the Hill boardgame

  • The betrayal is Horror game type that is for people older than 12+ age
  • ⏳⏳ Play time: 60 min
  • Players count: 3-6
  • Game difficulty: medium
  • Game type: Thematic, Adventure, Exploration, Horror, Miniatures.

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Christina Rogers

Name: Christina M Rogers

Job title: Customer support at Betrayal at house on the hill game

I have created this website for people who like to play horror games with family, friends in any place. People usually ask me about best house on the hill board game or best HORROR board games at Halloween event, so I suggested them to look at it and they paid it from our direct store or at Amazon store. Now people and also my friends enjoy playing Betrayal at House on the Hill boardgame. I started to give this website to my friends, school friends, college friends and for all people interested to play this Haunted house game, we also include the how to play steps and all the glossary about all items on this boardgame at how to play section.

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