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Betrayal at House on the Hill give you suspense and excitement, so that every player explores a haunted mansion of their own style, Players VS Ghosts, and feeling scary Knowing of the inevitable fate of this haunted house games. So enjoy 60 minutes playing this haunted house game with friends, family or any people you want to enjoy time together, the betrayal board game is a good idea for Party Games, with your family or school friends.

Betrayal at house on the hill 2nd edition is allowing people to create their own haunted house that covers the game with tiles rooms by room, tile by tile, so could make a brand new cause (game board) to have a sudden feeling of excitement each time.you may play this haunted house games with your friends from 3 to 6 people, six characters’ items are distributed to the players, every player is playing one of that characters.

So one of the characters betrays other party players Secretly, now, before it’s too late! Other honest members of the party must win and defeat the betrayal member inside the board. Thrill and excitement with Betrayal at House on the hill is attractive for people who enjoy playing fun party, haunted house games, and strategic board games.

Betrayal at House on the hill is the best haunted house games you will receive with your package all game items, Cards, Plastic figures and also special tokens include. Enjoy playing with your friend, family and have fun.

new Betrayal at house on the hill expansions: Widows Walk Available now!,Please be aware that this is not full board game, but its an expansion – you MUST have the original Betrayal at house at the hill game.

What you get on this new version?

  • Expansion. Requires Betrayal House on the Hill
  • Compatible with all editions
  • 50 new haunts, 20 new room tiles, 30 new cards (11 items, 11 events, 8 omens), 78 new tokens
  • Never before explored new floor THE ROOF!

For more information about Widow’s Walk Board Game click on Betrayal at house on the hill expansions

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